Monday, 28 March 2011

Mary Anne Hobbs returning to radio this summer


Mary Anne Hobbs is set to return in a brand new Saturday show July 9th 2011 on Xfm Radio.

"In 2011, Xfm have given me the opportunity to deliver the music that I am so passionate about on a primetime platform. This is such a victory, not just for me, but for all the artists I believe in and all the live listeners who care so deeply. I’ll broadcasting from Manchester across the world at bringing future sound and guest mixes from the most forward thinking artists on earth. Dubstep, UK funky, minimal techno, deep house, hip hop, electronica, grime, neo-folk and art house rock... no holds barred"

Full details here


  1. Excellent news. This music always needs a public platform.

  2. hopefully her show won't be on a 3 in the morning again

  3. i loved listening to MAH at 3am on her R1 show, tucked underneath my duvet in darkness with my headphones on xD
    she gotta beautiful voice imo