Tuesday, 29 March 2011

FaltyDL - Lucky Luciano

Drew lustman (aka FaltyDL) has just released his 2nd full length album "You stand uncertain" on the Planet Mu label. The strongest track in my opinion has to be "Lucky Luciano" an intense drum heavy workout coupled with hazy synth chords and vocal samples. The influences of jungle, garage and 90's rave are apparent here as with most of his work, yet he still manages to create something new and fresh with every track which is probably why i have had this on repeat since i bought it.


myspace - faltydl


  1. gonna have to cop this album soon. love 'love is a liability' i think it was the first thing i owned on wax, how do the 2 albums compare in your opinion?

  2. Definitely a big difference in terms of style, 'love is a liability' has more of a idm/ambient sound to it but 'you stand uncertain' works better as an album, more fluid and consistent i would say. 'Winter sole' is probably my fav track from the two albums.