Saturday, 30 April 2011

Vezelay - Seratonin (VIDEO)

vezelay - sedative from vezelayvideo on Vimeo.

First track taken from Matthieu Le Berre's new E.P 'Lyre', forthcoming on Planet Mu.  Sounding like a less hectic and more pop oriented Clark, beautifully crafted lead synths, minimal drums and haunting vocals are stitched together effortlessly. The whole E.P is dope from start to finish and you can check the rest of the tracks here

Lyre is officially released June 20th


  1. Sounds... nice. That's all I can think to describe it. I need to check out more stuff like this. I often ignore the vocal side of electronic music.

  2. Not so psyched with all these vocals I'm hearing everywhere lately. Words are a trap.

    Does sound, hella good, though.

  3. not a fan of vocals 80% of the time either, good stuff tho