Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bibio - Mind Bokeh

Tomorrow sees the release of Bibio's 'Mind Bokeh'. Certainly more accessible than his early albums but still riding a similar theme to that of 'Ambivalence Avenue' , 'Mind Bokeh' sees Wilkinson opt for a more poppy vibe while still retaining that technical virtuosity and creative approach that sets him apart from the average producer. The track 'Excuses' (video below) fuses Acoustic guitar with chilled Boards of Canada style synths, field sounds and switches it up between percussive loops, hiphop breaks and an 808 drum machine,  all building up into a psychedelic climax of arpeggiated synth lines and glitched up spoken word loops.

Mind blowing visuals courtesy of - Michael Robinson


  1. Every clip I've heard of this sounds killer.
    I really do like Bibio and every direction he's moved into. From his early folkier stuff to his newer hip-hop beats.

    I even really like that Take Off Your Shirt track that everyone has been hating on.

  2. really ejoyed that listened the whole way through, cheers for linking - love finding new artists to follow!

  3. Never really quite know what to think of Bibio (think that rhymes). Tried listening to his Apple and Tooth album a couple times and really couldn't get into it.

  4. Bibio is just a big question mark for me. I don't understand my relationship to his music at all. Seems like it should be a perfect fit. Like all the ingredients are right, but I never actually get into it. His mixes are weird... not bad, but I don't know. This guys is a mystery. Wish I understood why I don't get along so well.

  5. Still thinking on this... haha jokes