Sunday, 4 September 2011

Rustie's British Beats

Today i'd like to share a new mix from Glasgwegian wonderkid, Rustie.  Just like previously featured artists Hudson Mohawke & Redinho, Rustie is part of  Glasgows Lucky me & Numbers crew, who are on the frontline when it comes to pushing forward fresh, bass heavy music.

In the run up to the release of his eagerly anticipated debut album Glass swords, Rustie throws down a 30 mix of the newest u.k bass music and futuristic r&b exclusively for NPR and their Songs of the Summer series.

Rustie - All Nite (taken from Glass Swords) by Rustie

No embedding on this but the stream is only a click away and well worth it for such little effort.

Rustie's British Beats Mix <<< Mix stream

1. Rustie, "Flash Back"
2. Krystal Klear, "Clove Dagger"
3. Jacques Greene, "I Like You"
4. Nightwave, "Festivus"
5. Zed Bias, "Trouble in the Streets" (feat. Mark Pritchard)
6. Mele, "Mugged"
7. Rustie, "Hover Traps"
8. Skream, "Where You Should Be" (Seiji Remix)
9. Hudson Mohawke, "Foxy Boxing"
10. Turboshinboy, "Sparks"
11. Rustie, "4eva"
12. Joker, "On My Mind" (Rustie Remix)
12. Rustie, "Ultra Thizz"
13. Machinedrum, "LoveKing" (Machinedrum Edit)
14. Harvey Kartel, "Say Yes"
15. Lone, "Crystal Caverns"
16. Hudson Mohawke, "Thank You"
17. Joker, "Trancey"
18. Kavsrave, "Your Love"
19. Preditah, "New York"
20. Rustie,"All Nite"


  1. I like what I'm hearing. Great mix!

  2. A good sound.

    What gets me is his name's Rustie but he's not ginger!

  3. Looks like we got similar taste in music:)

  4. Really good, this has a bit of everything going on.

  5. Cool space with cool picks! Glad to be following.

  6. British beats are impressive!!

  7. It was different and interesting, i don't know if i would add it to my playlist, but i dont regret having listened it.

  8. It's sounds very unique but that's always a good thing! I like it a lot.

  9. This was nice, the one song is a tad more happy than I'm currently feeling for, but I'm sure I could really get into it.

  10. He looks like a troubled kid, which conflicts with the girly music he makes.

  11. Mmm I liked this batch more than you last few.

  12. some good bass in there.

  13. It actually sounds like it could be music from an '80s video game. How old is that kid?

  14. I find most of Rusties music to be really cheesey to the point its not listenable.

  15. it sounds all over the place. like there's too much going on at once. but it's not all bad.

  16. That was kind of interesting.

  17. sounds great and he looks adorable!

  18. Not recommended to be listened after a day of heavy drinking.. Doubles your hangover. Thanks for sharing anywayz.

  19. Im definitely looking forward to this!