Thursday, 28 July 2011

Revisiting Portishead

Been a busy day so quick post here. Anyway, i was one of the unfortunate many that didn't get to see Portishead last weekend at ATP in london. So i decided to drown my sorrows in their back catalogue, that is when i came upon an old video of band member and Producer Adrian Utley at his studio in Bristol.

The video consists of an interview from Sonicstate talking to Adrian about his (at the time) new album 3rd. What follows is an in depth discussion about the thought process, techniques and sounds that went into making "3rd".  A very interesting video for fans and producers alike and of course it contains some serious synth porn consisting of Vintage Arps, Moogs and custom Modular racks from Doepfer and Analogue systems.

And here's a vid of Cowboys from the event



  1. I've always found them a bit slow moving and shoegazy for my liking I'm afraid.

  2. Love Portishead, but then again, who doesnt?

  3. I forgot about these guys, they're great.

  4. how!!?!?!? can u not play hockey?! i dont get this. as for the music, pretty cool

  5. I really like Portishead. Glory box is one of my favorite songs.